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Step 3: Prepare your application

At this stage of the application process you should:

  • Find a supervisor (for research and project-based programs). Please make reference to a potential supervisor in your application for admission.
  • Complete any necessary tests or exams such as English proficiency tests or GRE exam.
  • Contact your referees.
  • Gather all of the required documentation necessary to complete your application.

Please review the checklist below for specific requirements.

Unnecessary documents, including extra letters of recommendation, will not be added to your file. Any extra documentation will be discarded and will delay the processing of your file.

Checklist of required documents for application

Note: Applicants who have completed post-secondary studies in India and/or Pakistan are required to submit detailed, certified semester mark sheets. Applicants who have completed their studies in China are required to submit both a copy of their bachelor degree parchment and a copy of their graduation certificate.

Other documents

Applicants who receive an offer of admission will be required to submit official transcripts and show proof of citizenship.

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