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Master's project/major paper


  • Master's Project Handbook: This handbook describes the individuals involved in the master’s project and major paper review process, as well as the required steps and forms.

Timelines and deadlines

There are master’s project and major paper deadlines each term in order to guide students and their faculty advisor or supervisor(s) through each step of the process. The objective is to help students meet requirements for specific program end dates or for graduation ceremonies.

If you are a master’s student or faculty advisor/research supervisor looking to plan a master’s project or paper for review, please use the following material for guidance. First, review the Master’s Project/Major Paper Handbook, which describes each step in the review process, and then prepare a plan of action using our example timeline and checklist. 

  • Timeline: sample timeline of what needs to be completed by various deadlines prior to review by assessors.
  • Deadlines: list of master’s project and major paper deadlines to complete all program requirements by the end of an academic term.