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Ontario Tech acknowledges the lands and people of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation.

We are thankful to be welcome on these lands in friendship. The lands we are situated on are covered by the Williams Treaties and are the traditional territory of the Mississaugas, a branch of the greater Anishinaabeg Nation, including Algonquin, Ojibway, Odawa and Pottawatomi. These lands remain home to many Indigenous nations and peoples.

We acknowledge this land out of respect for the Indigenous nations who have cared for Turtle Island, also called North America, from before the arrival of settler peoples until this day. Most importantly, we acknowledge that the history of these lands has been tainted by poor treatment and a lack of friendship with the First Nations who call them home.

This history is something we are all affected by because we are all treaty people in Canada. We all have a shared history to reflect on, and each of us is affected by this history in different ways. Our past defines our present, but if we move forward as friends and allies, then it does not have to define our future.

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Meet the participants

3MT participants

All participants will present at the university's 3MT® heats on Wednesday, March 11. The top six will advance to the finals to be held on Thursday, March 12 at 2:30 p.m.

Faculty of Business and Information Technology

  • Samantha Stahlke

    Program3MT Participant

    Computer Science (MSc)


    Pejman Mirza-Babaei, PhD


    Synthesizing Play

    Digital games are a complex interactive medium providing a multitude of different experiences. The field of games user research (GUR) is dedicated to investigating user experience in games. Such inquiries are of both commercial and academic importance, enhancing product quality and our understanding of human behaviour. A common GUR methodology is usertesting, where researchers gain insights from the interactions of human users. However, usertesting is expensive in terms of labour, time, and monetary costs. To address these concerns, we developed PathOS, a free, open-source tool for game testing with AI agents. PathOS simulates player navigation in the virtual world using a basic model of human perception,

    ABOUT Samantha

    In my free time, I enjoy eating copious amounts of cheese and spilling watercolour all over the floors of my loved ones whilst painting, on account of also having to hold cheese at the same time.

Faculty of Education

  • Kimberley Black

    ProgramKimberley Black

    Education (MA)


    Ann LeSage, PhD


    Preparing post-secondary students for the emerging trend of asynchronous video interviews in the hiring process.

    Asynchronous video interviews are an emerging trend in the screening stage of the hiring process and a practice that is growing in popularity as employers seek efficient ways to filter through large numbers of applicants.

    Asynchronous video interviews are pre-recorded applicant responses to job interview questions. Once an applicant records and submits their responses, their video is sent to the recruiter and/or employer where the applicant’s responses and communication skills are evaluated by multiple decision makers unknown to the applicant.

    Communication skills are fundamental to the non-technical stage of the interview process. With this emerging interview modality, applicants who lack self-awareness or who are untrained in how to effectively communicate with video are placed at a disadvantage.

    Through a mock asynchronous video interview assignment, this research examined participants awareness of and perceptions of asynchronous video interviews, self-awareness of communication skills, and perceptions of others’ communication skills through anonymous peer assessment. This research also elucidated the expanded skillset educators need to develop in students vis a vis technology and on-camera coaching and presentation skills

    ABOUT Kimberley

    I love to dance salsa and occasionally teach beginner salsa in the community. I am the founder of INTRObyVIDEO - a video resume and introduction service. I taught at Durham College for 5 years and initiated a video introduction project . I also dabble in acting!

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Bismark Addo-Binney


    Mechanical Engineering (MASc)


    Martin Agelin - Chaab, PhD


    Heat pump for Cold Climate Application

    Heating and cooling makes up 70% of a household’s energy budget in North America. A cascade refrigeration system uses two or more refrigeration cycles operating at different temperatures and pressures. It operates in a similar way as a regular refrigeration unit except for the second stage of operation. As a result of cascading, it is possible to operate at realistic pressure ratios in the compressor and higher volumetric efficiencies compared to a single-stage refrigeration system. However, it is generally more complex, expensive and the heat transfer between the multiple cycles reduces the efficiency of the cascade refrigeration system. Furthermore, these systems are generally designed for heating and cooling in industrial applications. Since they are not optimally designed for the household application, they are neither economical nor efficient for that.

    ABOUT Bismark

    Bismark has been with the Canadian military since 2009. He plays and watches soccer during his downtime and still believes Arsenal is the best team in the world.

  • Okwudili Ezeme


    Electrical and Computer Engineering (PhD)


    Qusay Mahmoud, PhD and Akramul Azim, PhD


    Anomaly Detection in Processes using AI-based Kernel Event Analysis

    Model-checking and verification using Kripke structures and computational tree logic* (CTL*) use abstractions from the
    model/process/application to create the state-transition graphs that verify the model behavior. This scheme of profiling the performance of a process imports that the depth of the process operation correlates with the level abstraction. However, because of state explosion problems, these abstractions tend to restrict the scope to create manageable execution states. Therefore, for context modeling, this procedure does not generate a fine-grained behavioral model as generated states limit the ability of the abstraction to capture the execution time interactions amongst the processes, the hardware, and the kernel. Hence, in this paper, we present an end-to-end framework that comprises auto-encoders and probabilistic models to understand the behavior of system processes and detect deviant behaviors. We test this framework with a publicly available dataset generated from an autonomous aerial vehicle (UAV) application and the results show that by creating a fine-grained model that exploits previously unharnessed properties of the system calls, we can create a dynamic anomaly detection framework that evolves as the threats change.

    ABOUT Okwudili

    When I am not cracking my head trying to understand some mathematical concepts or codes, I am playing with my three lovely sons and teaching them my dialects. I am originally from Obollo-eke in Enugu state Nigeria and I have called Canada home since 2013.

  • Yousef Al-Shawesh


    Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc)


    Hossam Gaber, PhD


    Ultra-Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles

    The project aims at designing and modelling an ultra-fast charger for a novel novel charging station integrated with renewable energ sources (Nuclear, Solar PV and Wind), Energy Storage Systems (Flywheels, Ultracapacitors, Batteries, Fuel Cells) and the Electricity Grid.

    ABOUT Yousef

    Sustainabliltiy and EV Enthusiast!

  • Zarah Fattahi Massoom


    Mechanical Engineering (PhD)


    Hossam Kishawy, PhD


    How to Assemble Composite Structures

    Composite Materials are engineered in the lab for specific mechanical properties and performance. Conventional machining processes must be redesigned for composite structures. The goal is to find a less time consuming and more economical approach for drilling composite plates required in a assembly.

    ABOUT Zarah

    • Plant guru,
    • Rookie wood working fan
    • Lover of party planning and bringing people together

Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

  • Mohamed Aboughaly

    Program3MT Participant

    Nuclear Engineering (PhD)


    Hossam Gaber, PhD


    Radio-frequency Thermal Plasma Technology For Waste to Energy Generation

    Solid waste deposits is a major environmental and economic concern in Canada and worldwide. The proposed research provides a sustainable and economic solution to convert solid waste deposits via thermochemical processes to useful hydrocarbon products with zero greenhouse gas emissions. The proposed process system uses advanced radiofrequency thermal plasma as a heat source to achieve high temperature control and produce hydrocarbon products suitable for usage as combustion fuels.

    ABOUT Mohamed

    Hometown: Alexandria, Egypt

  • Omar Nusrat

    Program3MT Participant

    Nuclear Engineering (MASc)


    Edward J. Waller, PhD


    Automating radiation detection for severe accidents

    In recent years, automation has streamlined processes for many industries while mitigating risk to human workers. In the field of health physics, these new methods are being assessed to determine how they fit best into reducing radiation exposure to humans, especially in emergency response to severe
    accident scenarios.

    We present the development of a novel autonomous robotic platform, equipped with comprehensive radiation detection, mapping, air sampling, ground sampling, data collection and characterization capabilities to assess and mitigate the effects of potential severe accidents in nuclear power plants and the surrounding areas.

    ABOUT Omar

    Omar is a first year Masters student in Health Physics at Ontario Tech University researching at the intersection of radiation protection and automation. Prior to beginning his graduate studies, Omar completed his Bachelor's degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics, also at Ontario Tech.

  • Elly Shobeiri

    Program3MT Participant

    Nuclear Engineering (PhD)


    Akira Tokuhiro, PhD


    Can we simplify nuclear energy’s complexity?

    Applying LENDIT to look at complexity of Nuclear Energy. LENDIT stands for Length scales, Energy scales, Number scale, Distribution scale, Information scale, Time scale.

    ABOUT Elly

    - Darlington Nuclear power plant - RFR Electrical team lead
    - First year PhD student
    - Enjoy Volunteering for political campaign
    - Enjoys Playing violin
    - Enjoys Kick boxing

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Rufeyda Cosgun

    Program3MT Participant

    Health Sciences (MHSc) - Kinesiology


    Bernadette Murphy, PhD


    Recurrent neck pain impacts the brain’s ability to coordinate input from the visual and balance systems

    Increase in sedentary lifestyles, as a result of increasing technology use, alters neck function, affecting 30-50% of Canadians each year. Sub-Clinical Neck Pain (SCNP) is defined as mild to moderate neck pain and stiffness that is left untreated. People experiencing neck pain often-present reduced ranges of neck motion, altered motor unit recruitment, and altered awareness of head and neck joint position. These deficits are likely due to altered sensory feedback from neck muscles. A part of the brain called the cerebellum plays a fundamental role in integrating input from the visual system, the vestibular system which is critical for balance, and the neck muscles, which can be measured by the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR). When the VOR occurs, the cerebellum sends signals to the eye muscles to counter the head rotation and maintain a stable center of gaze. A high-speed eye-tracking system was used to measure the VOR and motion tracking camera system was used to measure head movements in darkness. The ability of the VOR to adapt was analyzed by dividing eye velocity by head velocity. VOR gain adaptation represents the change in the mismatch between eye velocity and head velocity. Our results suggest that the ability of this eye reflex to adapt is decreased in people with recurrent neck pain. These findings indicate that recurrent neck pain alters the way that the brain processes sensory input. This has important implications for the accuracy of tasks at home and in the workplace which require accurate eye hand coordination. 

    ABOUT Rufeyda

    My hobbies are travelling and exploring outdoors as I have been to over 15 countries in all continents of the world, but I also enjoy staying indoors, playing chess and video games.

  • Hannah Froome

    Program3MT contestant

    Health Sciences (MHSc) - Community, Public and Population Health


    JoAnne Arcand, PhD


    The Foodbot Factory mobile application improves nutrition knowledge in children: Results of a randomized controlled trial

    Digital interventions are increasingly common, and when well designed they can improve overall knowledge. The 2019 Canada’s Food guide is an online-first platform that educates about healthy eating; however, few engaging digital resources exist to support its implementation. The Foodbot Factory is a mobile application that was developed to engage children in learning about Canada’s Food Guide. A single-blinded, parallel randomized controlled trial was used to test whether Foodbot Factory increased nutrition knowledge in children. Children in grades 4 and 5 attending the Ontario Tech University day camps were enrolled in the study. Participants were randomized into the Foodbot Factory or control group (a food-focused app with little educational content). A validated questionnaire assessed nutrition knowledge before and after intervention, overall and across four sub-components corresponding with the Foodbot Factory learning modules (Drinks, Grain Foods, Vegetables and Fruits, Protein Foods). Children who used Foodbot Factory had a significant increase in overall nutrition knowledge, compared to the control app. Significant increases in nutrition knowledge also occurred among Foodbot Factory users, compared to controls, for several sub-components such as Protein Foods and Vegetables and Fruit, with a slight improvement among Whole Grain Foods. No difference between groups in nutrition knowledge related to Drinks was observed; however, baseline knowledge for drinks was high in both groups. The Foodbot Factory app increased nutrition knowledge among children in Grade 4 and 5. Use of the Foodbot Factory app could be considered by parents or educators, such as in the classroom, when teaching children about nutrition.

    About Hannah

    Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario
    Interests: Reading, Biking, anything that involves activity, joining clubs and extra activities
    Random Fact: Pet hedgehog named Esther

  • Halima Hossinzehi

    Program3MT Participant

    Health Sciences (MHSc) - Kinesiology


    Paul Yielder, PhD & Bernadette Murphy, PhD


    Does "Text-Neck" Alter Your Sense of Movement?

    There have been many studies that suggest lengthened hours on technology may cause neck pain resulting with alterations in the way the brain communicates with the head, neck and shoulders. There is a growing body of research on chronic neck pain and sensorimotor integration observed through a complex motor pursuit task however there is a limited amount of research done on forward head posture (FHP). FHP is the frontal shift of the cervical spine away from the body’s center of mass which causes the weight of the head to be placed anterior to the spine. The general population has at least one centimeter of FHP due to modern stationary living. Current research suggests that severe anterior head translation can also affect sensory motor integration (SMI). SMI is the way the central nervous system (CNS) processes sensory input and uses it to inform motor output about the current state of the body. SMI is critical for strengthening synaptic connections for learning, memory and proprioception. Persistent FHP could potentially cause alterations in SMI because acute repetitive strain and constant activation of neck muscles, ligaments, and nerves can cause mild dysfunction. Since previous subclinical neck pain research has found significant neural signal amplitude changes, there may be similar alterations for forward head posture. These two pathways are linked with sensorimotor integration, so if there are alterations in the signal this would indicate altered sensorimotor processing for individuals with forward head posture.

    ABOUT Halima

    I am a first year masters student. Here are some random facts: I am left handed, talented at digital editing, love to workout, love neurology, I am fluent in American Sign Language."


  • Brian Joyce

    Program 3MT Participant

    Health Sciences (MHSc) - Community, Public and Population Health


    Serene Kerpan, PhD


    Mental Health challenges facing today's Indigenous Youth

    This research will be investigating the mental health outcomes of Indigenous youth who participate in cultural land-based programming. Colonialism, government intervention and cultural oppression have had a severe impact on the health and well-being of Indigenous peoples, specifically youth and suicide rates. Indigenous youth and their families have faced numerous challenges over several centuries that include generational trauma, loss of language, culture, land, and identity. Cultural and traditional practices are strategies for supporting the mental health of Indigenous youth and their community. These programs show immense potential in supporting the well-being of Indigenous youth. This research will use Community-Based Participatory Research in direct collaboration with an Indigenous community or organization to investigate the significance and impact of cultural land-based programming as an intervention strategy to improve the mental health of Indigenous youth. This research will aid in the development of culturally relevant and meaningful evaluation tools to assess and understand the impact of traditional practices on mental health outcomes.

    ABOUT Brian

    I have had the pleasure of working in various outdoor education for school boards, conservation authorities and MNR. In 1995 I established the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory to monitor songbird migration which is now entering its 25 year. Love camping, fishing, sports and spending time with my son.

  • Lucas Martignetti