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Past award recipients

Master’s Outstanding Thesis Award recipients

  • 2023
    Cassandre Dion Lariviere
    Thesis title: The Effects of Rapport Building on Information Disclosure in Virtual Interviews
    Master of Science in Forensic Psychology
  • 2022
    Jennifer Robb
    Thesis title: ChangeMakers: Exploring Social Consciousness through Making and the Internet of Things
    Master of Arts in Education
  • 2021
    Maciej Lacki
    Thesis title: Analysis, Development, and Control of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Passive Haptic Devices
    Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2020
    Samantha Stahlke
    Thesis title: Synthesizing Play: Exploring the Use of Artificial Intelligence to Evaluate Game User Experience
    Master of Science in Computer Science
  • 2019
    Leanne Elliott
    Thesis title: Parents’ Perspectives of the Secondary Effects of an Early Motor Skill Intervention for Their Four-Year-Old Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Master of Health Sciences in Kinesiology
  • 2018
    Mohammed Alziadeh
    Thesis Title: Flow-sound Interaction Mechanism of a Single Spirally Finned Cylind in Cross-Flow
    Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2017
    Jessie Michael Gillis
    Thesis Title: Time-Frequency Analysis Techniques for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
    Master of Applied Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Doctoral Outstanding Thesis award recipients

  • 2023
    Martin Magill
    Thesis title: Opportunities for the Deep Neural Network Method of Solving Partial Differential Equations in the Computational Study of Biomolecules Driven Through Periodic Geometries
    Doctor of Philosophy in Modelling and Computational Science (FSc)
  • 2022
    Holly Fruehwald
    Thesis title: Functionalized Carbon Surfaces for Clean Electrochemical Energy Systems
    PhD in Materials Science
  • 2021
    Haris Ishaq
    Thesis title: Investigation of Integrated Systems for Clean Ammonia Synthesis
    PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  • 2020
    Deepak Ronanki
    Thesis title: High Performance Modulation and Computationally Efficient Control of Modular Multilevel Converters for High Power Traction Motor Drives
    PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 2019
    Shady El-Batawy
    Thesis title: Intelligent Integration of Prosumers with Battery Energy Storage in Smart Distribution Systems Using Optimal Design and a Transactive Energy Framework
    PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 2018
    Amjad Farah
    Thesis Title: CFD Determination of Fluid and Geometry Related Localized Heat Transfer Phenomena for Supercritical Water Flow
    PhD in Nuclear Engineering
  • 2017
    Canan Acar
    Thesis Title: Experimental Investigation and Analyses of Continuous Type Hybrid Photoeletrochemical Hydrogen Production Systems
    Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering