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2022 Videos

2022 3MT® Winner

Emmeline Meens Miller

Program: Health Sciences (MHSc) - Kinesiology
Title: Identifying Salivary Cytokines Associated with Prolonged Sitting


Mir Afgan Talpur

Program: Computer Science (MSc)
Title: Improving Image Matting Through Deep Learning

People's Choice

Danielle Bates

Program: Health Sciences (MHSc) - Kinesiology
Title: Moving Towards Inclusive and Engaging Physical Education for Girls


Kavian Khosravinia

Program: Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Title: Healthy Fast Charging Strategy for Electric Vehicles Using Deep Neural Networks

Ana K Espinosa

Program: Forensic Psychology (MSc)
Title: Mock jurors' perceptions of children testifying via a language interpreter

Cassandre Dion Larivière

Program: Forensic Psychology (MSc)
Smile for the Webcam: The Effects of Rapport Building on Information Disclosure in Virtual Interviews