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2021 Videos

2021 3MT® Winner

Devonte Campbell

Program: Health Sciences (MHSc) - Kinesiology
Title: Subclinical neck pain alters cerebellar processing as demonstrated by the oculomotor reflexes


David McNabney

Program: Applied Bioscience (MSc)
Title: Harmful algal blooms: what’s our 8 minutes?

People's Choice

Ana Espinosa

Program: Forensic Psychology (MSc)
Title: Jurors' perceptions of children testifying in their non-native language


Chirag Karia

Program: Computer Science (MSc)
Title: Predicting Multi-Human Motion with Computer Vision

Christine Flaherty

Program: Applied Bioscience (MSc)
Title: Sunny with a Chance of Algae Blooms

Rachit Desai

Program: Health Sciences (MHSc) - Health Informatics
Title: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a predictor of Anemia in Premature Infants

Timothy Hurlburt

Program: Applied Bioscience (MSc)
Title: Fighting Bioterrorism by Visualizing the Invisible