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2019 Videos

2019 3MT® Winner

Sarah Habibi

Program: Applied Bioscience (PhD)
Title: Can we save livestock from parasites? Overcoming a global drug resistance problem

Provincial Competition

Internal Competition


Elysabeth Reavell-Roy

Program: Applied Bioscience (PhD)
Title: Biofuel production: small changes, big impact

People's Choice

Nadia Laschuk

Program: Materials Science (PhD)
Title: Chemistry is in Fashion


Daniel Abdel-Malek

Program: Health Sciences (MHSc) - Kinesiology
Title: Can a period of familiarization improve ratings of perceived fatigue?

Jackie Brown

Program: Health Sciences (MHSc) – Community, Public and Population Health
Title: Foodbot Factory: The Making of a Gamified Nutrition Education Intervention

Leanne Elliott

Program: Health Sciences (MHSc) - Kinesiology
Title: Parents’ Perspectives of the Secondary Effects of an Early Motor Skill Intervention for Their Four-Year-Old Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder